SRA - Solid Rock Angus
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Our goal in the Steer Division of Solid Rock Angus LLC, is to produce high quality and profitable yearling cattle. Our program is based on buying mismanaged bawling calves from surrounding sale barns, and placing them on a thorough health protocol that will ultimately grow them from 400 lb to 875 lbs. Once the calves have completed the initial weaning process they are placed into groups of 80-120 head, and rotated every 3-5 days as forage growth allows. This allows us to produce 450-500 lbs. of beef /acre. During the grazing season, cattle are sorted by breed like types and weight; thus, creating uniform semi-load lots where they will be weighed and marketed to feedlots. Because this set of cattle is primarily raised on forage, we are able to buy small calve packages and then market them into large volumes of uniform cattle that perform well in feedlots. In this volatile cattle market, we utilize all available tools including forward contracting and futures to manage risk while we produce competitive quality cattle.
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